Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Without a documented goal, you may stand still

Have you heard that you are three times more likely to obtain a goal if you simply write it down? Why is that?

  • It reminds you of what you want. It is easy not to do something you are NOT thinking about very often.
  • It forces you to "see" it and then you will probably want to "plan" it and "act" on it more.
  • In a small way, writing it down makes it more of a commitment - not just in your head, but now it's out there!

Think about it this way, if a goal IS VERY IMPORTANT to you, why wouldn't you do whatever you can to make it part of your "dashboard" and make it more a part of your daily thinking and "doing"?

You are driving the car, and its your goals that should be helping you push on the gas.

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